Yesterday I met a boy

by Action hero citizen Lijya

… who made me feel safe.

I saw in him profound Action Hero Citizen like qualities.

I wanted to give him a jaadu ki jhappi and may be a chocolate or a flower!

I felt reassured.

I felt thankful.

My friend Mamta and I were at MG road last evening. We walked where the streets took us, satiated our food fantasies at K.C Das and MTR, carrying with us street posters of the Step by Step Guide to Unapologetic Walking. These posters are here at the studio in Blank noise. Have you seen this poster? It’s damn cool and legendary and inspiring. And I’m going to try to put these up in as many places that I possibly can. Look out for these- Bangaloreans and Punekars!

So we were at the bus stop at around 9 pm to catch our bus (G9) back to Yelahanka. Someone told us that the bus left from under the metro station. I saw a young boy waiting for the bus too. On reaching the site I confirmed with him if this was the place from where the bus left. He nodded in agreement gently and smiled. He seemed to be a student. He was carrying a backpack, was tall, wore rimless glasses and was clad in a t-shirt and blue jeans. He looked to be around 25 years old. We waited for the bus to come for about half an hour, yet there wasn’t any sign of our bus.

Then another bus came. We asked if it would go to Yelahanka and the driver told us that it wouldn’t. It was heading to go to Shivaginagar. Everyone else got into the bus except the two of us. It looked like we were going to be alone on that street now, in the wait for our bus.

Just then, the Action Hero boy whilst entering the bus made a gesture to us. It indicated a sign to get onto this bus for it seemed to be the last one to come. On entering the bus, another middle aged man who was sitting in front of our seat told us that we’ll get a bus to Yelahanka from the Shivaginagar bus depot. And that it was hard to get a G9 at this hour from where we were at.

I thought about the boy’s gesture. No words were spoken. Just a sign to enter the bus. And somehow I knew he was right and instantly complied with his instruction. All the while that we were waiting, he came across as perfectly non-threatening. And that’s why I think I trusted him. He was staring into his phone, minding his own business the whole while. And yet when the time came, he instantly cared to reach out and help us. He didn’t come close, intruding into our physical comfort zone. Nor did he scream out to us from a distance. He showed care for us like we were his own —  and that too in such a non-threatening, subtle but meaningful way through a sign.

I wanted to thank him and decided that I would when we were getting off at the depot. But when we reached the depot, I couldn’t find him. The depot, like all depots, was hustling with people and amongst that chaos I couldn’t locate this Action Hero boy.

I don’t know what his name is. I don’t know anything about him. But I have a memory of him, a memory of his gesture in my mind. And I write this in the hope that even if time fades away the memory of my hero, in the characteristically flippant manner that it does, I can return to this post and relive the memory of his very kind, Action Hero citizen like gesture!

@ Action Hero Citizen Boy: If you’re reading this- A heartfelt, sincere and warm thank you! 🙂