100 questions I want to ask my Police

by Action hero citizen Lijya

I think the task of policing a country, state, city or even an area is quite a task. While the Army, Navy and Air force- the guardians of my country go about their mammoth duties of protecting my border amongst many other things that they do, I am curious to know how the police force in my area organize themselves to protect me at the local level. I am curious to know what a day in the life of my police personnel (Civil police as they are called) look like. I want to set my enquiry into this field since I see these police men and women on the streets in my area; interact with them sometimes but not enough and somehow don’t understand sufficiently about the lives of these everyday native heroes. These are the men and women who protect me while I sleep at night residing in this area of Yelahanka in Bangalore presently- they’re tangible and I feel in control when I see and know about my surroundings well. Hence I am on this quest.

My mind is racing with questions…

I am curious to know who you are. How many people you are? I want to know how you work. What departments have you organized yourselves into to protect me? I want to know about your ranks (am fascinated by your insignia) and how you have divided your work between the different ranks?  I’m not too big a fan of hierarchy since I think it curbs creative, independent, free thought. That sense of one above the other may hinder uninhibited thinking that each one of us has through our own experiences- each so different from the other. But is such a hierarchy required for your functioning? And if yes, what is the rationale behind it? I want to know what work you do. Do you have too much of it? Can students possibly volunteer to help you with your work? If yes, How? Which areas? In what way? Do you know how accessible you are? How approachable you may be? And all of your employees? Do you know your citizens? The people under your jurisdiction? Have you met them? When? In what context? How many times? What have you spoken to them about? Has the conversation been around a crime? Or a problem which they seek your help with? Or have you spoken to your people about how they might feel today? Ask whether they are happy? Have a conversation with them about a new Bollywood movie or song? Conversations over chai and samosa?

And to the citizens I ask:  Have you asked the police officers that you see around you in your locality, about how they might be feeling today. About whether they have eaten well and are getting enough rest. Have you thanked the police that patrol your area in the night and keep you safe? Do you know how the life of an officer who is on night duty looks like? They sleep during the day and work when you sleep. They may have families. How do these police officers spend time with their families with such work timings? Do you understand how hard their work is? Their difficulties? What it takes to do what they do?

I want to ask these questions and more. I seek to explore these areas, understand the interface between the citizen and the police. My hope is to arrive at possibilities that may exist. My attempt is at being an aware citizen. To know better and be empowered by knowing. My attempt is to develop an action hero citizen profile and BE an Action Hero Citizen. How do I say “I Never Ask for it” while being an action hero citizen? What am I ask for while being an Action hero Citizen?

I invite you all here to my experience.

O yeah! Bring it on!